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Welcome to Social Shopping with SocialShout!

Just SCAN a QR code, make a SHOUT! out to your social networks, SAVE with a coupon code to redeem in-store.


Customers simply scan the QR code or enter the short url code into their mobile browser.


Via our Social Shopping Tool we auto-post your message out to their social networks. The post goes right into their stream.


Your customers instantly receive a coupon code back on their device to redeem in-store on the spot.

Promote Your Business on the Social Networks

Generate Word of Mouth buzz

Everyone knows THIS is the best way to really grow your business. Today, more than ever, noise is everywhere, attention is fleeting…Word of Mouth is King!.

Build a loyal community

Reward your existing customers as they spread the word about your business. Make fans out of customers. Build a social community around your business.

Quick & Easy

Sign up today! We’ll create your Social Shopping poster, complete with your QR code & short URL. Just print it up, place it in your store and let your customers do the rest.

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The facts speak for themselves

Some facts and stats

74% use social networks to decide on purchases >> Gartner, July 2010
92% trust recommendation from friends & family above all else >> Nielsen, Q3 2011
67% use smartphones to access social media. >> Sensis, May 2013


Multi-Level Coupons

Offer a level of discount according to how active and connected your customers are on the social networks.

Genuine Social Word of Mouth

Referrals via your customer’s posts on their social networks.

Easy User Interface

No App Required (Scan, Shout!, Save) works on every platform.

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